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馨宜旗|超薄纤体矫形内衣The middle-aged man was zhou an. His relationship with zhou yu was just like that of huang gai, cheng pu, han dang and sun quan. He almost watched zhou yu grow up."I think it is more practical than our shield vehicles." Xun you shook his head, after all, shield car is the main role of defense, no attack itself, there is no way to blunt the gate: "this thing is used to attack the gate."Sun quan won't be too upset about his death because he is the commander in chief." Zhuge liang smiled and said, "sun quan is suspicious. Zhou yu holds nearly half the military power in the east of jiang, which is a great victory. I'm afraid sun quan has been afraid for a long time.

"Kongming." Zhang fei picks curtain to come in, frowning way.馨宜旗|As a son of fa zheng, zhang song was no stranger to him, but when he left the middle of shu with fa yan, he was still a teenager. Now eight years have passed and he has become a young man.

馨宜旗|Of course, this is only a signal, in fact, liu bei also knows this, has been trying to maintain the relationship with the family, but it is only a signal, but also the source of endless hidden trouble."This saying said, exactly one has not broken the law, two also is not what the most wanted person, why can't come?" Law is looking for a chair to sit down, see to zhang song smile way: "son qiao elder brother rather too too nervous some, I dare to assure, calculate is to leak out identity, with that liu zhang's disposition, also not necessarily dare take me how!"Chapter 64 the wood beasts attack the city

"Peng ~""All are the division of tiger and Wolf, this time I two alliance, have this division of tiger and Wolf, why fear lv bu?" Liu bei was not as brave as he had been in xuzhou in the past. He had a strong army under his command and some top advisors. Although he was not as strong as cao cao, liu bei was confident that zhuge liang would be as strong as any of the other princes when he won the battle.馨宜旗|





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