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爱唯侦察论坛f1|兰蔲清脂酵素"General?" Chen xing puzzled to seibel.Hey law ~"Marriage." The country smiled and took a sip of the wine. "It can also be said that marriage."

Zhang Wenxian don't mention him, HuangPu Song is the famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, one of the main force of the battle of the yellow turban, even cao cao, lombardi these people have been working under its command, dong zhuo early years is also a name to move west cool, but later power day heavy, abandoned martial arts, as for sun chien need not mention, has been considered a historical star."That's natural, otherwise why am I a general?" The candidate proudly leaned against the brocade mat and said lazily, "Tell the brothers to eat well, drink well, and fight well, and don't worry about it.""You..." Santa incredibly looked around the huns fighters, red eyes, flashed an incredible light, these people, there are many of his cronies, now unexpectedly want to choose to abandon him.爱唯侦察论坛f1|"Cavalry against infantry are tied, the jun general, when it is a waste!" D eyes flashed a sneer at, sneer at a way: "Although father wants to make friends with jun now, but also can't let jun underestimate us, then defeated seibel, let jun know our ability, command to go on, the army set out tomorrow, soldiers in the locust!"

爱唯侦察论坛f1|Lyu3 bu4 looked at the map Han De pointed out the location, nodded and said: "Notify d, let him bring troops to meet herding horse slope, in addition, send someone to inform seibel, zhang liao, cioffi, as soon as possible to the border migration of troops, to wuwei formation of the encirclement! Order the whole army, three more tomorrow, five more, must not be mistaken!"Moon Lake is more than 300 miles east, Is chicken deer village, is now north handsome station troops, although the north handsome west into liangzhou, took away a large number of warriors, but as their lair, north handsome nature can't be undefended, chicken deer village alone, is stationed in tens of thousands of huns, although not as good as the huns warriors elite, but enough to deter those small families around."Before lyu3 bu4 dare not guarantee, but now lyu3 bu4 will!" Country and xun yu looked at each other, smiling with a bit bitter way: "in today's lyu3 bu4 performance, will never want to let lombardi sit big, master if win, want to annex hebei, countless years of work, but lombardi if win, with his fame of the fourth generation of three dukes, can swallow the central plains in a short time, achievement of the northern overlord, lyu3 bu4."

Lyu3 bu4 looked at two humanity: "Shortly a few days, more than ten days, I will return, if not overdue, can send someone to meet, in addition, I am not in, can go to huaili, life seibel return to changan, in charge of military affairs."Suddenly, a lot of unlucky west cool army was directly from the sky jar smashed head, blood brain flow to the ground, more is smashed to the ground."Prepare to migrate." Sighed, lyu3 bu4 know, I'm afraid this migration will not be as gentle as the last time, but he must do so, he needs the population, the military forces in his hands, even if he put down hanoi, also do not have enough ability to extend his rule to hanoi side.爱唯侦察论坛f1|




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