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boroncat|维密魔法梳If two because of jiangdong belong to dispute again, that is basically over, now facing the huge pressure of lyu3 bu4, only sincere cooperation, it is possible to carry lyu3 bu4 attack in the next year's battle.Looked at zhang fei panic fled, wei just slightly relieved, since the guanzhong crossbow formation, this is the first time wei played a positive contact war, three thousand guanzhong soldiers, the battle lost nearly five hundred people, although jingzhou army lost more, after the war inventory, can escape back to absolutely no more than two thousand people, but wei still feel lost."No." Wei shook his head.

But if liu bei lost, don't say defeat and not dead, even if liu bei completely lost, and sun quan is willing to join forces with cao cao against lyu3 bu4, a group of water army generals ran to land with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, is it possible?"Water attack?" Ezra pound and blanc startled to wei.Tracing the cause led military forces arrived at qua, qua wall has been Xing Daorong reinforcements, see tracing the cause of the army arrived, also not surprisingly, just sent a warning.boroncat|From changan to luoyang, lyu3 bu4 side never lack of celebrities, every year there are a large number of kanto celebrities group to open scold, but usually hard to see lyu3 bu4's face.

boroncat|Li Yan obviously know the guanzhong strong crossbow, And also expected that once jiangdong war is not smooth, lyu3 bu4 will inevitably go south, so at the beginning of his term, began to implement the strategy of firm wall and clear the wild, with nanyang city as a front against lyu3 bu4, will be a large number of people migrating south, at the same time in nanyang city, dug out a gully, this is also li yan figured out the defense.He is a mediocre man who is not envy, As I was told, Not afraid of people scold, afraid of no one scold, a society, if there is only one voice, that is an abnormal thing, of course, these people can't be used to, some pertinent opinions lyu3 bu4 will collect, but some people scold for scold, sorry, this life wealth, career even with you, don't tell me what you are."Why did you stop?" Suddenly, guan yu looked back, see a lot of jingzhou soldiers gradually stopped running, can't help but bridle horse frown way.

"Yes." ChengFang puzzled, but still according to the command of lu zheng began to deploy.Four guardsmen crashed into the secretariat office with a clump of thick logs in their arms.In this unfavorable situation, single-handedly, slay the enemy master is undoubtedly a good way to reverse the situation, if the other master slay, that even if the guanzhong military forces again elite, without the command of the coach, zhang fei can also use various methods to break the difficult army.boroncat|





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