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星野亚希作品|dhc祛斑"The general to come to the west, in addition to let me qiang people, also hope to borrow troops, hope that all ethnic groups can draw thousands of warriors for general west." Yang Wang looked at them and said, "If there is no objection, please go back and get ready. Send me the Qiang warriors as soon as possible and follow the tetrarch to fight the Korean thieves."Xu Gong is the former satrap of Wu Jun, When sun ce from yuan, beat liu yao, power soared, take advantage of wu county, xu gong lost, took refuge in yan baihu, after yan baihu perished, and defected to xu zhao, sun ce didn't pursue, not to mention potential poor force solitary xu gong, where to this skill, the sun ce is not weak scholar, xu gong invited people, can't be close to all difficult to say, let alone kill.With a million people, What we should do next is to develop the economy and people's livelihood. It is time to recuperate, rather than external war, but according to the giffin meaning, marten and Korea hence once the war broke out, will not last too long, the three months to six months, is Korea hence accumulate strength, once it broke out, must be crumbling, but this is not in line with lyu3 bu4's original intention.

"Peace?" Xun yu smell speech to hand forehead, wry smile way: "I'm afraid only in filial piety will have this idea, now Korea hence led the huns into the edge, and lyu3 bu4 in the pastoral slope area for days of hard battle, gathered nearly three hundred thousand troops."Pound frowned, Although Korea hence troops have been expected, Just didn't expect Korea hence unexpectedly put in so many troops at one time, according to the scouts snoop back to the news, this time, Korea hence fully mobilized hundreds of military forces, and there is a huns troops near the pastoral slope, for the first time alone the army of pound, this is undoubtedly a difficult test.Looking at the direction of the city of millet, the huns must have sent the news, according to the speed, up to three days, the news should be sent to wuwei, only hope that pound they can stick to that moment, as long as the huns retreat, the battle should be over.星野亚希作品|It hurts!

星野亚希作品|"Yes, I will." Seibel nodded, firmly tunnel, look to the distant horizon, mouth corners spread a touch of light self-confidence: "if on the battlefield, master has not lost.""Among you, there are west cool people, there are qiang people, there are many, not long ago, or with the subordinates! But now, I just want to tell you, you and I, we have a common name, that is the han people!" Lyu3 bu4 a pair of eyes, To meet the eyes of five thousand people: "In my eyes, Each and every one of you, It's all my robes, Today, regardless of status, regardless of rank, I, lyu3 bu4, As a Han Chinese, Just for me, Han, get justice, With the weapons of my hand, For the innocent people who died, To those humble huns for a saying, may bleed, even die, our name, may not be known to posterity, can only be in the boundless wilderness, do an unknown skeleton, but even if the last drop of blood, also will not let any one contaminated with my Chinese blood, the huns from this land alive! "

Cao Caowen speech, helplessly nodded, the business tiger, maturing, he has a hunch, if he can defeat lombardi, the business tiger, will become his enemy in the future."Wild goose gate zhang liao here, Korea hence old thief, also don't commit suicide to apologize!" In the battle array, the first general in the hands of steel gun sprinkled with cold stars, passing by, leaving a corpse, rushed to the left and right in the array, did not give the army a chance to assemble, in a moment, the rear of the position has been completely collapsed.Play to the third day, seibel also gradually have a feeling of unbearable, even if the loss of the west cool army, but the defenders also paid a price.星野亚希作品|




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