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罗莱家纺股票思科总代理Seems from after I came to this world, many things have accelerated the development of many, yuan destruction in advance, sun ce also died six months earlier, and liu bei, and marten Korea hence, such a change, for lu bu is good or bad, at least for now, the beginning of the battle of guandu, also let the world pay attention to the north of the mini-bosses, lyu3 bu4 big break the huns, beat han sui, seemed to have been forgotten, but also as a result, let lyu3 bu4 have peace of mind of the development of the time.At this time, the horseshoe sound, both jia xu and zhang took a team of people in the diplomatic camp after the war horse toward the side.The morale of han sui was weak. Han sui knew that he could not get a bargain under such circumstances. He took his soldiers and fought and retreated.

Liu bao eyes flashed a yellow ray, was about to order, someone exclaimed: "here also!"Chapter 64 the pyramids"It is said that I have something important to discuss with your majesty." Responsible for the notification of qiang humanitarian.罗莱家纺股票"Why not? The general was very angry, cold hum a ao however way: "some is wan city article hire be also!"

罗莱家纺股票Be lyu3 bu4 circle ten shanzhai, are relatively strong mountain thief, each shanzhai, there are about one thousand people, with Addis destroy the small fortress is not the same grade, lyu3 bu4 after capturing the changan, Chen gong has organized several times, however, little bandit suppression, but these big fake, which is limited by force, and these brigands also very cunning, loyalist potential big into the mountains, such as loyalist gone, continue to come out to plunder, quite a few minutes of guerrilla warfare.In dostie and many of the huns in despair eyes, 50 fire cow like 50 the sharp steel knife, ruthlessly a head of bump into the huns intensive ride array, both sides sharp Tibet ruthlessly put aside to horse around body, legs cut off the huns knight, waves shrieks and screams of immediately spread throughout the workforce.Right now on the map, with the center of the millet, is great huns occupied land, contains almost three 5 of hetao, left, is tu, zero, moon people first, qiang and Qin Hu Wolf, at first glance, all the land of the xiongnu, but in fact, after last year's fiasco, huns occupied territory has shrunk dramatically, Qin Hu occupies the chicken abatis, former xiongnu five, now has become history, and then the Wolf qiang, tu, moon people and zero in the past a first winter, will own occupation area expanded many, now of the huns occupied territory, has less than half, more importantly, If the first zero and qin hu also turned to lu bu, lu bu on the huns of the encircling potential became!

"Don't mention it again. Keep a close watch on the tao." Zhang he gave a cold hum and waved his hand."Clear the battlefield and collect the arrows." Lv bu shen said, "let a few slaughterers go, let them inform the main slaughterers, pound, you go to check the household register, as well as the grain and grass in the city."Although the residence of Wolf qiang is not as stable as that of linrong lake and yueshi lake, it is still a land of abundant water and grass. The land in hetao is fertile, but the land is wide and Spartan.罗莱家纺股票




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