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张志远 模特|脑佳佳Under the wall, there are still undead men moan in despair, whether it is the enemy or his own, even if saved, the probability of survival is not high, if the war began, lu su can also have some compassion, then listen to these if there is no moan, in addition to numbness, the rest is only indifference....Army mighty come over, and then so powerful retreat, zhang fei for a time can't understand what's going on in the minds of these people?

"Why did you stop?" Suddenly, guan yu looked back, see a lot of jingzhou soldiers gradually stopped running, can't help but bridle horse frown way."East Lai tardif, this man is brave, not under uncle to!" Guan Yu sighed.On the other side, Tracing the cause with zhou tai followed tardif, After chasing guan yu, but met tardif routed troops, know tardif death, guan yu life and death don't know the news, tracing the cause of the change, hurriedly brought people back, but which still have the shadow of jingzhou army, the ground is a mess, everywhere are corpses, in the corpse, zhou tai suddenly sent a cry, but found tardif's corpse.张志远 模特|Desolate horn accompanied by rumbling drums, jingzhou military forces and shu army poured out of the barracks, began to attack deyang, without the guanzhong elite strong bow crossbow, this time, don't have to worry about being suppressed by each other with crossbows, the battlefield seems to have returned to this era.

张志远 模特|Compared with the central plains around the beacon fire everywhere, luoyang as the former capital, has been destroyed by the fire once, but at this time seems to radiate a new vitality.Chapter one hundred and twenty waves hard to pullAnd Sun Quan saw Jiang Xia, After taking a firm foothold, While jingzhou because of internal emptiness, step by step press, although tracing the cause has advised sun quan to close, just jiangdong people a main battle, lv meng is across the han river, step by step press, jiangdong people high spirits, finally, after weighing the sun quan, decided to break jingzhou first, and invited lyu3 bu4 to send troops ique guan, contain guan yu's nanyang military forces.

"Yes." Ma took a deep breath, looked at lyu3 zheng, but in the heart is bitter, lyu3 bu4 fierce power is still in, but his son has begun to show lofty.Ma Su was silent, Lv Zheng also no longer say more, Ma Su is indeed a talent, But at least for now, As Lyu3 bu4 said, Has not experienced any unique opportunity, now ma, even if let out, is a counselor, lyu3 zheng do have the heart to cultivate, but ma refused, lyu3 zheng won't spend too much time on him, lyu3 bu4, talent is really not short, as long as lyu3 zheng adult, he opened his mouth, don't know how many people will sharpen their heads to drill to his side."You're going to kill me!" Wu jin incredible look to lu zheng.张志远 模特|




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