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最新邮票行情找冷链Only two thousand defenders and Korea hence brought three thousand elite, simply can't stop those as if don't kill hetao soldiers, tu everyone, moon people, zero first, wolf qiang, Korea hence don't know when lyu3 bu4 hand has reached here, but at the moment, his heart has no superfluous ideas."Take the magistrate as an example. He is in charge of the people's livelihood. Many people used to talk about corrupt officials, but they always took the magistrate as their standard. Why?". Lyu3 bu4 spread out: "Not that the above people are not greedy, but because they are closest to the people, the court in the eyes of the people what image, is basically determined by the magistrate.""Wait!" Seems to have thought of something, step DuGen suddenly stopped QinWei chief way: "Let a person to the direction of the Qifu tribe."

The sable cicada, Addis, seibel, zhang liao, Chen Gong and blanc, these are the people he had just crossed over, has been following himself to the present, the in the mind, is really will these people as their closest person, has become a part of life.A scholar will see xu togeher a blank face, can not help but dare to say: "adult and cao gong have old, why not abandon the secret?"Jizhou, yecheng.最新邮票行情These hussars but lyu3 bu4 training for a year, More experienced a lot of world war ii elite elite, once formed at the moment, Yuan Jun is much, for a while, unexpectedly can't help but this three hundred hussars guard, instead was killed many people, male broad sea block in front of, left axe right stick, close to Yuan Jun was smashed fly is chopped head, not long time, around a pile of corpses.

最新邮票行情D is about to pursue, around zhang he QinWei has been desperate to kill up, block d's way, d angry crowns, silver gun opened and closed in hand, between the need to bull, even kill a dozen knights, just look at it, which also has zhang he figure.Even if they know they are unbeatable, they should go far away, or seek refuge from other big tribes. Few people dare to take a big tribe's lair with 500 people like Temuzhen, and they have succeeded!...

Zhang he against lyu3 bu4, Lyu3 bu4 since early to bing, How can not to wild goose door to do the investigation, plus lyu3 bu4 was born bing, for zhang liao station troops, already felt clearly, d army is almost light ride straight to mayi, want to kill zhang he a surprise, but zhang he acted cautiously, last night has begun to lay out the defense, d helplessly, can only send ma dai, drowning, waiting for the opportunity to bring zhang he out."Go to meng jin, must take meng jin, as a place where our army settled, the rest of the thing, first report to master, let's say again later." Coss stood up, maliciously looked at the direction of tiger fastened shut, some unwilling to say.Chapter IX Slave Siege最新邮票行情




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