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abs130 avi全鹿大补胶囊Looked at a bunch of scholars here to fight red-faced, a word is quotation, there is no certain literature lyu3 bu4 actually quite boring, but had to make a serious listen to the appearance, lest people say there is no dignified.Zhang fei since zhuge liang got the charm, then gathered five thousand chosen men, transfer craftsmen overnight will fold rattan shield together, made one thousand thickened version of rattan shield, the next morning, then with military forces, until wei camp outside provocation."Prepare for battle!" Tardif sighed, qu a position is too important, once qu a lost, guan yu's army can directly from the land, straight into danyang, of course, guan yu can also go by water, that way, tardif absolutely desirable.

Ma silently listened, set off a storm in the heart, hard to imagine, a young man in his early teens, unexpectedly have such a rich experience, more difficult to imagine, lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to throw his son to the battlefield."It seems that neither you nor I can persuade anyone." Pang tong sighed, in the past, when the deer gate, two people often do academic debate, is who can't persuade each other, did not expect today, or so: "then the day down to determine the outcome, if the master of the other day broken xiangyang, I will ask master for your mercy.""Really? It seems that you have not learned the lesson of the last two times, you bastard!" Wei yan sneer at 1, behind fifty guanzhong elite body immediately sent out a dangerous smell.abs130 avi"Rear team back, prepare for battle!" Wei yan obviously feel that zhang fei ill-intentioned eyes staring at his side, can't relax the surveillance of the other military forces, but the enemy in the rear has also jumped out of the woods at the moment.

abs130 avi"Chou Tai, Tardif, let me go after Guan Yu!" Arranged for a drop in the soldiers, tracing the cause of zhou tai and tardif, now with jingzhou has no room for change, guan yu this person to jiangdong hatred is too big, must be thoroughly so.Zhuge liang see grain road has wei yan protection, had to change the strategy, water from the pad river, want to use the water potential impact on the city, pang tong is based on the moat, water to downstream."Qua can't be lost!" Tardif gnashed his teeth, the hand of the halberd, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to attack jingzhou soldiers killed, twist his head around, beside in addition to heqi, only a few guards are still fighting with jingzhou army.

Early in the morning, the street is an excited crowd, one by one street to discuss what, restaurants are gathered in the school of students, one by one excited about what to discuss.Not only blanc, wu shut, are in a kind of inexplicable excitement, over the years, has been training troops, training them all soon vomited, watching others get merit, promotion, and they can only count ants in addition to training, such a day, finally come to an end."Go!" Tardif looked after array guan yu, unwilling to roar, with He Qi and a few remaining soldiers toward the east to kill in the past.abs130 avi




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