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韩国7公主|美人芯组合"Don't say do it, even if kill you, what can you do?" Lv lingqi coldly glanced at him, proudly way.Until then, CAI yan slowly raised his head, took a look at the direction where sima was being dragged away, and nodded his head, saying, "you have two generals, the academy is the place of sages and sages. I hope you two generals will try to kill as little as possible."As the boss, what lv bu is in charge of is the most suitable person is put in the most appropriate position, personally do this kind of thing, be in lv bu to see at least, not the attitude of a qualified upper position person.

"Just Lord, our army now grain and grass, only enough for half a month, this half month if not with month's convergence, our army grain and grass afraid to help." Pound worried.Bamboo is alkaline saline seat, but later, the big fellow weak, in name only, the western regions and the proportion of han Chinese is too little, was in the king of bamboo, bamboo is established, although nominally to big fellow, is the big fellow territories, but in fact, with the big fellow renounce the court already has nearly hundred years, now Addis with lyu3 bu4 came running to her the identity of the western regions to protect."It's two hours." Big Joe considerate help lyu3 bu4 dozen oil umbrella, cover rain, soft voice say.韩国7公主|"General xie han! Family members hurried to thank.

韩国7公主|"There's one more thing I'd like to know." Zhaoyun some awkward sit up, to lu lingqi arch way."It is an important and joyful event." Chen gong bowed and said, "princess liu yunfeng has been married to his Lord for several months. Now yongliang is calm, and it is time for his Lord to marry the princess.""Oh?" Looking at the castellan, general excited way: "to send troops?"

For lu bu, chang 'an people idea is complicated, these people, basically be lyu3 bu4 forced spoils, exile, in this day and age for anyone, all is not a happy thing, plus lyu3 bu4 notorious the livelihood of the people, even after lyu3 bu4 did not make anything widespread indignation and discontent, inside of the heart is still some resistance.Holding a little lamb, the old herdsman looked at the sky, mumbling, people stay in a place for a long time, will always have feelings for this piece of land, these herdsman in hetao area living for a long time, will naturally do not know whether to feel like a kind of local feeling, have a peaceful life, who is willing to run all day?Year almost, this paragraph of time is busy, after the development of the rectified, the earliest coming from nanyang follow lyu3 bu4 people there have been some supplies at hand in use next year after the autumn harvest of grain, leave enough extra food, will choose to sell to government set up a food shop, hand a little more money, to procurement necessities and from the qiang people or western people there to get some meat.韩国7公主|




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