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猎艳神雕行|68号抗磨液压油价格"Well, your father and daughter are really a virtue!" Pang tong in the heart of a cowardice, the wild pride of the momentum is in front of lu bu not out.< / p > < p > guan hai saw someone to fight, laughed, brandished a broadsword to fight, two broadswords in the air collision, splash a stream of sparks, the huge anti-shock force let two people at the same time a shock, each back several steps, then guan hai eyes flashed a ray of excitement, fierce again, with xu dingzhan a group.Tube hai is not suspected him at the beginning, when found wrong, he has been limiting the freedom, until He Man, tube hai learned of lyu3 bu4 Wolf in professional news, excitement, also more urgent to persuade zhang yan, a seal Wolf in professional achievement and prestige, even tube hai also know, lyu3 bu4 have and the qualification of governors focused all over the world, become the world enough to cao yuan other governors all the way, choose to arrive at this time if zhang yan lu bu, will surely make lyu3 bu4 continued to grow, unfortunately, at the same time, also falling in to the call of the grant of the scribes came, everything changed.

Until when it is initially follow lyu3 bu4 pacify the prairie tu the generals, martial arts well, and made a lot of credit for when grassland, come back later, lyu3 bu4 then allowed him into the han, and promoted to PianJiang, listen to use in working for zhang liao, just lyu3 bu4 Blackpool under too much, said zhang liao, seibel, pound d of these already famous military commanders, is some military teenager, not bad in skills, although these days to follow zhang liao made many meritorious military service, but also are killed some stragglers, how to prove his brave, at this time was a blow out measures will see each other, or a huafa, promptly excitedly riding away, against nux."Shi yuan, the Lord asked you to arrange these things and send them to the state of zhongshan as soon as possible." Jiang lost hurried in and handed a thread-bound book to pang tong.Chapter 84 situation and law猎艳神雕行|What is not the imaginary xiuxian kung fu, can make people immortal, practice gold Dan, flying into the immortal kung fu, which records the things are very miscellaneous, feng shui kundu, search dragon point, wang qi, stars, qimen dun jia, Yin and Yang five elements, this bamboo paper seems to be made of bamboo, but look at it is not gold or wood, fire and water difficult to attack.

猎艳神雕行|Guan hai smell speech, turned a head to see one eye lu fang, praise way: "your boy is some brains, the future is not limited, accompany me this old guy died here, unfortunately, tomorrow if the camp was broken, you take the other three brothers break out, with your ability, break out should not be difficult.""But if the Lord sent troops at this time, I am afraid that yuan tan and yuan shang would join forces against the Lord. Did the Lord ever think of that?" Jia xu turned his head and looked at lu bu.Lu xun looked at random the goods in full of beautiful things in eyes on the shelf, casually said: "pour are some rare things, do not want to a small shop in, there are so many goods, the elder brother looked at disparate in my native, do not know is where personage?"

"Isn't that better? Ma chao sneered and said, "if that lidian dares to leave the city, he just took the opportunity to go to luoyang to help.""Report ~" an hussar riding guard rushed into the big account, bowed to lv bu and said: "Lord, cao jun drowned outside the camp....猎艳神雕行|




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